More Kudos:

"This is some good stuff...I've found that if you mix a good bit of this sauce into the ground beef when you make burgers--and then add a nice, generous portion poured on each patty about 2-3 minutes before you take it off the grill--the results are pretty amazing. A fantastic flavor with a lot of different elements to it."
- Stephen Carrington,
Marietta, GA

"There is a smoky element that balances perfectly with the meat. What an awesome sauce! Thank you."
- Terry Waldrop,
Alpharetta, GA

"That is some good sauce!"
- Larry Pujol, owner
Stout's Growlers, Canton, GA

"Other BBQ sauces are watered-down, taste like ketchup, or use too much hot pepper to cover up the fact they couldn't figure out how to make it taste good! Dean's STS is unique, and seriously zesty, and it accents the meat just right. I'm a repeat customer and a loyal fan, and I highly recommend it!"
- Tim Chisolm, Kennesaw, GA

"Dean's STS sauce is a very different spin on most other sauces. My wife and I have used it regularly for years now and find it refreshingly zesty."
- Michael Reid, Marietta, GA

"Your sauce is freaking awesome dude. Dunno what else to say!"
- Terry Waldrop, Alpharetta, GA