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Dean's STS is described as "zingy", by design.  A deliberate antithesis of the stereotypical sweet-n-syrupy, HFCS infected, drivel found in the major box retailers of the world.  We certainly do not want to be known as a "boutique" product, nonetheless, we assure you STS will find no equal on the shelves of your local grocer.

Not unlike your favorite craft brewed beer (and we here at Dean's certainly hope lovers of exceptionally unique and robust cooking sauces know that a missing quality beer to accompany your 'cue just about borders on the sacrilegious), this concoction is not for the faint of heart, nutrition-worried consumer.

We have taken what we believe are some of the best, or at least the most unique, features of Memphis style dry rub, modern Texas Mop, Louisiana “zing”, and Kentucky Black sauce styles and created a concoction that will undoubtedly put a twang in your thang. Or at least a smile on your face.

Dean's STS, by personal opinion, seems to work the best on pork and chicken.  Nonetheless, others have marinated beefsteak with STS and truly loved it.  All we can say is, "More power to 'em."

STS is fairly thick, and you will find lumps in it, comprised primarily of the fresh onion and garlic pieces.  It is shelf stable but does need to be refrigerated after opening. It is a true cooking sauce and is not meant to be used as a eat directly from the bottle condiment.  As important as what we think Dean's STS is, what may be even more important is what it is not:

    • ● No powdered additives or substitutes
    • ● No chemical preservatives
    • ● Not syrupy sweet
    • ● No High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
    • ● No aluminum used in preparations or packaging
    • ● Not a condiment
    • ● All natural
    • ● Fresh vegetables
    • ● Slow simmered
    • ● Robust flavor with a "zing"

    Tomato sauce, vinegar, filtered water, fresh onion, sugars, salt, spices, fresh allium sativum, Worcestershire sauce, coffea arabica, hops, barley, yeast, plus a drop or two of Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Sauce.

    "This sauce is exceptional. The flavor is delicious, distinct[ive], and hard to do without once you have tried it. I try all the sauces that I can find, searching grocery stores, restaurants, and online, and this is the best one that I have come across."
    - E.J. Joswick,
    Marietta, GA

    "I like it better than Williamson Brothers sauce." (Sept., 2015)
    - (Identity requested to be withheld due to current employment status at WBB.)

    "What a wonderful recipe! What a great creation. I will definitely be your client ... probably forever."
    - Julia Gladish,
    Atlanta, GA (listen)


    "I used it on a burger and absolutely love it. I found Dean's STS to be everything that A1 Steak Sauce isn't."
    - Jeff Belmonti,
    BBQ Pro Shop


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    Currently, Dean's STS is available in three sizes, 12 and 16 fl. oz. bottles, and 64 fl. oz. jugs. See the Acquisition page for pricing and request options.